Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notice

Intellectual property rights are important to us. If you believe that any material available on this site infringes on your copyright(s), please notify us by sending a DMCA notice using this page. After we receive the complete and valid notice, we will open an investigation, and remove any applicable material.

Please note that we cannot process DMCA notices that refer to sites which are hosted on third party servers.

This web site and associated web sites are publishing platforms where the content providers may often use copyrighted materials as part of ordinary commentary or journalism, or may transform materials into something new and original. As such, before submitting a DMCA notice, it is important that the submitter consider whether any applicable material falls under fair use. If you are not sure whether any such material actually infringes on your copyright, or whether it is subject to protection under fair use, you should consider seeking legal advice. Some additional information on fair use may be found from the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals


Please note that you may be liable for damages (including costs and attorneys' fees) if you materially misrepresent that some material or activity infringes on copyright. We will also highlight any such abuses and also seek to collect damages.

Your submitted DMCA notice may be forwarded to the party that made the material available in order to confirm facts, and also may be sent to some third parties such as Additionally, you are required to consider the possible fair use implications that emerge as a result of the Lenz v. Universal ruling: Appeals Court Affirms That Copyright Owners Must Consider Fair Use in any DMCA actions. We do reserve the rights to challenge abuses of the DMCA process; your use of this form does not waive or negate that right.

In order to file a DMCA notice:

Send your DMCA complaint to our designated agent, via the following form below.

As required by the DMC Act, we do have a strict policy to terminate any contributors and/or other sources that we consider to be repeat infringers. Please note that any DMCA notices that are successfully countered by the contributor, or rejected on the grounds of fair use, or deemed to be fraudulent notices are not counted against contributors or sources.